Baby Rixton, born at EIRMC.

To schedule a tour of our labor and delivery unit, please call (208) 227-2400.

Your child’s birth is a precious one that you might want to share quietly together. Or, it might be a time to gather loved ones around in joyful celebration. At The Women & Infants Center, we treat childbirth as wellness- not illness- and we understand that you want options. We will support your birthing choices and provide personalized care for you and your baby during childbirth.

Our nursing staff are experts at providing compassionate, quality care to moms and babies. Since our approach is family-centered care, we work with moms to provide a comfortable and relaxing birthing experience. In the rare case of needed critical support for your newborn, we have the latest technology and 24-hour access to Neonatologists in our Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

We are committed to providing a soothing and tranquil atmosphere for you and your family. Our birthing rooms have a spa-like atmosphere to help make your experience comfortable. Following delivery, you will have your own private room with the option of having your newborn by your bedside or in the nursery so you may rest.

During labor and delivery:

  • Expert nursing care and highly trained staff.
  • EIRMC has many attentive and competent OB/Gyn's and Certified Nurse Midwives to manage your birthing experience.
  • The Monica Novii Wireless Patch System - wirelessly monitors fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, and uterine activity while allowing you to the freedom to move around your room and the unit. This device is available now and is appropriate for most moms. Learn more about The Monica Novii Wireless Patch System.
  • Pain management to suit your preference:
    • 24-hour epidural coverage
    • IV medications
  • Offer and support unmedicated pain management options
    • Walking in labor
    • Birthing bar
    • Birthing balls
    • Movement to find positions of comfort while in labor
  • Two designated C-section OR suites on the unit to expedite delivery in emergency situations.
  • If you choose, can perform post-partum tubal ligation with your c-section or after vaginal delivery.
  • Every spacious and private birthing suite is designed to ensure your comfort.
  • We encourage “skin to skin” contact between mom and baby immediately after delivery to facilitate bonding and promote newborn stability.
  • Furnishings include a birthing bed, and sleeper sofa. The recliner, Internet access and TV/DVD will have you feeling right at home.
  • You may choose for family to be present during delivery.
  • Clear fluids and flavored ice chips available.

After Delivery

After the arrival of your little one, you can relax knowing your baby is receiving high-quality care from our expert nursery staff.

  • You and your baby will rest and recover together in the birthing suite.
  • Dads or another support person may “room in” with you during this special time.
  • Support from our International Lactation Consultant Association (IBCLC) Board-certified Lactation Consultant if you choose to breast-feed.
  • Visiting hours allow family and guests to ooh-and-ahh over your new addition.
  • Our infant security system will protect your baby throughout your hospital stay.
  • Hearing tests for newborns.
  • Kernicterus prevention and jaundice testing and monitoring; light therapy when needed.
  • Mom and companion will enjoy a scrumptious three-course celebratory "Stork Dinner." Enjoy a fresh garden salad; choice of tasty entree such as grilled sirloin, pan-roasted chicken breast, and cobb salad; and a sinfully-delightful dessert.